Faith at Work

Spirituality & discipleship for today’s world

Faith at Work is a 6 week study course. Launched in February 2014, it was adopted that year as the 2014 Lincoln Diocesan Lent Course, as well as the Lent Course commended by Churches Together in All Lincolnshire. It is, though, suitable for use at any time of the year, by any kind of church, and possibly other faith groups too.

Faith at Work is also suitable for groups such as Workplace Christian Unions, as well as other groups with an interest in an active spirituality. With slight adaptation, it can also be used by business and professional groups who wish to explore issues such as related to ethics in business, achieving an appropriate work-life balance. The course has also been used as a thought-starter by groups from other faiths. It is also possible to do the course as an individual.

Faith at Work aims to enable participants to relate their faith to what they do/are in working lives – not forgetting those not ‘traditionally employed’ such as home carers, students, unemployed, retirees.

Faith at Work came from a desire to overcome the experience expressed in the 1990 Faith in the Countryside report “Spirituality in the countryside [workplace] is one of the hardest things”.

The 6 sessions in the Faith at Work course are

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The CALLING – to be a disciple throughout the week
The CHALLENGE – remaining faithful despite everything
The CLOCK ticks on – how do we fit everything in?
The moral COMPASS – how do we keep our integrity?
Showing COMPASSION – spirituality in action
Making CONNECTIONS – we’re all in this together


Faith at Work was produced by Mary Vickers.  Mary is a priest with long experience of chaplaincy in a wide variety of workplaces, as well as in sport. emergency services, hospital, and university contexts.  The course arose out of her desire to enable and encourage people to think about how what they belief can, and perhaps ought to, influence what they do.   Initially designed for use across the large area of  ‘historic Lincolnshire’, the course is now available for use by groups elsewhere.

It is hoped that by the end of the course, Faith at Work participants will be:

  • Enthused about their discipleship
  • Engaging with a lively spirituality
  • Encouraged by telling their stories & being listened to
  • Enlightened by hearing others’ stories
  • Enabled to make connections between their faith and their daily occupation
  • Equipped with tools to continue their reflections
  • Energised to be actively involved in debate and practical action


The Rt Revd Christopher Lowson, Bishop of Lincoln

“I’m really grateful to Mary for taking the responsibility on for us of producing our Diocesan Lent Course for 2014. Lent is a special time of year when we invite people to focus thoughtfully on their spiritual lives…

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