Author: Mary Vickers

April 22, 2020

Love your neighbour as yourself

Course - Week 5 - Compassion Loving your neighbour as yourself is the second of the two ‘great commandments’ in the Gospels.  It comes straight after the command to love God with all our hearts.  But some say it is
April 20, 2020

Red letter days are important…..

This coming week is full of ‘red letter days’.  Tuesday is the Queen’s birthday, Thursday is St George’s Day, and Saturday is St Mark’s Day.  Thursday and Friday also mark the start of Ramadan – a really im
April 17, 2020

Compassion: bringing life to dry bones

Course - Week 5 - Compassion I love many of the Old Testament stories.  They’re often so expressive, and full of feeling.  One of the more well-known ones is the ‘The Valley of Dry Bones’.  This great vision fro
April 16, 2020

What is luxury?

Course - Week 5 - Compassion Being compassionate is a genuine outcome for any Christian who follows Christ’s example and tries to model their life on him. A colleague from India shared a story about how he learnt abo
April 15, 2020

By your fruits…

Course - Week 5 - Compassion One harsh winter on the edge of the Yorkshire Pennines there was a particularly heavy fall of snow during the day.  Commuters going home from work were hit hard and found their journeys very
April 14, 2020

Easter hope and faith

Happy Easter! Easter, like Christmas, is one of those Christian festivals that goes on well after ‘the day’ in Church circles, even though much of the world, especially the commercial parts of it, move one very quic
April 13, 2020

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Rumour had been spreading through the factory for weeks.  Their multi-millionaire owner was to send his son on a ‘surprise visit’.  Management kept their eyes open for flash sports cars in the car park and well-dress
April 11, 2020


Have you ever been down a mine?  I've been down both an old coal mine and an old slate mine.  Both were very strange but enlightening experiences. Enlightening because it made me realise the conditions that some peopl
April 10, 2020

Seeing work through to the bitter end

I am always amazed at what lengths people go to in order to ensure they are doing their best in their work, but also to enable their fellow human beings to have a better life. Even though it is now 10 years ago, I still
April 9, 2020

Ordinary People called to be Extraordinary

The disciples were an eclectic group of men, mostly ordinary working people; some, fishermen by trade. It was thought that Bartholomew was of noble birth, and Matthew a tax collector. Importantly, they were all different i