Author: Mary Vickers

March 30, 2020

Living with fear…..

How are you feeling today?  We’re all living in strange times, almost unbelievable times.  Surreal is a word I’ve heard a lot, alongside unprecedented.  Some people’s lives are currently occupied by working their
March 29, 2020

Chronos v Kairos – Are you doing the right thing right now?

Lent - Week 3 - Clock When we talk about the ‘T-word’ (TIME) it’s not long before the S-word (STRESS) is mentioned too! Time, or the lack of it, seems for many to be a major source of stress. Andrea, one of the p
March 28, 2020

Being aware of Who and Where we are

Lent - Week 3 - Clock There’s a lot of talk of mindfulness nowadays.  Some see it as the latest ‘new thing’, the latest way of dealing with stress.  Others, though, see it as a return to ancient practices of medit
March 27, 2020

Leisure or rest?

Lent - Week 3 - Clock It's often thought that leisure and rest are the same, and so are equally the opposite of work - but are they? Think about the activities you’re involved in that you count as leisure activities.
March 26, 2020

Balance is the key to life

Lent - Week 3 - Clock Jo, one of the small business owners we spoke with as part of the series of video interviews conducted for the Faith at Work course, said: Balancing time is difficult, especially when you’re sel
March 25, 2020

‘Time freedom’

Lent - Week 3 - Clock Sometimes, however careful we are, our work and/or our daily life can feel like it is overwhelming us.  When this happens, we feel a deep need for freedom, for liberation. In the film ‘The Shawsh
March 24, 2020

Living in the present

Lent - Week 3 - Clock We've just had a week looking at CHALLENGE. One of the greatest challenges, that was voiced loudly and often during almost all of the video interviews conducted for the Faith at Work course, was the
March 23, 2020

Coping with Challenge, with God alongside

Lent - Week 2 - Challenge One of the questions asked in this week's session has been about the challenges people are facing or have faced in their work. Here's what one person wrote for us a while back: Whilst praying ab
March 9, 2020

Smooth roads never make good drivers

Lent - Week 2 - Challenge When a famous politician died a few years ago, those who commented on his life all seemed to agree that, although they didn’t always agree with what he was saying, they always knew that he was
March 8, 2020

Don’t give up – some things are worth fighting for

Lent – Week 2 – Challenge Many of our global challenges seem huge and insurmountable.  Whilst we may be committed to working towards justice and the promotion of ‘kingdom values’ in the world, there will be times