March 8, 2014

Live to Work or Work to Live?

It’s an old question but: “Do you live to work or work to live?” Are you content with your answer? If your work doesn’t bring you fulfilment, is there anything practical that you, your church, or the members of y
March 7, 2014

Is All Work Equally Valued?

Does God value some forms of work over others? (Do we?) Take a look at Dave Walker’s cartoon ‘A hierarchy of vocations’ below: How much truth is there in this? Why do we pray for some occupations and not
March 6, 2014

Godly Work?

“Because people’s occupations often centre life’s meaning so powerfully, does that mean that they are bending the knee in de facto obeisance to secular gods, kingdoms and morals of a workaday world, saving Sundays fo
March 5, 2014

All Are Called

"All of God's people who hear the call [of God] are commissioned by God to answer that call wherever it takes us. There are many places of injustice in our world that are waiting for the Good News of the gospel. It is not
March 4, 2014

Daily Faith at Work Reflections

From tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, a daily reflection will appear here throughout Lent 2014. There'll also be daily reflections on our Twitter feed and our Facebook page
January 14, 2014

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Faith at Work – Training the trainers events

In order to help groups make the most of the material, we're inviting group leaders to attend a training event during which they’ll have the opportunity to sample the material and learn how best to use it. The dates and
November 1, 2013

Faith at Work commended by Church Leaders

Faith at Work can be used at any time of the year, but in 2014 it has been adopted as the Bishop's Lent Course for the Diocese of Lincoln. It has also been adopted for Lent 2014 by Churches Together in All Lincolnshire